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It seems that Apple has been working for a long time with a small problem that affects computers with an M1 processor launched a few months ago, specifically last November. This problem is none other than a failure in the Bluetooth connectivity of the equipment and is that the disconnections of the devices make it difficult to use them properly.

Several users complained about disconnection problems with AirPods, Magic Mouse or Magic Keyboard among other peripherals in new equipment and that is why Apple after several weeks could launch the solution shortly.

According to him user Ian Bogost, Apple itself assured him that they will soon launch the solution to this problem:

We are not clear that this is a general problem in all users but it is true that even from the MacRumors website they point out that several of their editors have experienced these failures or rather disconnections of their peripherals and that is why surely in the macOS version Big Sur 11.2 will be in charge of fixing the bug in one of its many bug fixes and troubleshooting. We do not think that this launch will take too long but for now this version is still in beta, so we will be attentive.

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