24 hours after the release of the final version of macOS Big Sur, more and more applications are being updated to be compatible not only with this latest version, but also for adapt to the new aesthetic that brings us this new version, a version inspired by iPadOS (everything has to be said).

The guys from Darkroom, one of the winning applications of the Apple Design has just been updated to get the most out of macOS Big Sur, both in the visual and functional aspects, and incidentally they have optimized some of the functions that until now left a little to be desired.

With this update, Darkroom have optimized the interactions with both mouse, trackpad and keyboard. This application that works through a subscription, is available completely free of charge for all users who are already using the application regularly.

What’s new in the Darkroom update for macOS Big Sur

  • New library. The library view adds a new sidebar and a redesign of the toolbar adapted to macOS Big Sur adding new functions to drag and drop which allows us to manage the library in a much faster and easier way. Batch processing allows us to select groups of photos to perform editing tasks or manage them.
  • New shortcuts. The number of keyboard shortcuts has been expanded to make navigating the library easier. In addition, support for the Touch Bar has been added.
  • New app icon. As most of the apps that are updating to Big Sur are being made, the app icon has also been updated to fit the Big Sur design. In addition, 3 additional variants have been added to the icon, so we can customize it to fit the colors of our team.

Darkroom: Photo / Video Editor (AppStore Link)

Darkroom: Photo / Video Editor

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