The dark mode of the Facebook app seems imminent

Facebook continues to focus its efforts on bringing a new version of its mobile application with a dark interface, adapting to the tastes and needs of users today.

Dark mode in the Facebook app is very close.

There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the social networks Most popular, millions of users use it daily at various times of the day. With the improvements in mobile screens, some of the most used applications have had to resort to dark mode to improve the experience and show a current design, Facebook is still aware of this.

Although the company has implemented this dark mode In other of its applications such as WhatsApp and Instagram, its main application seems to be slow and continues to make its users wait, but there is very little left for this to change.

Dark mode for Facebook is coming

The leaker Jane Manchun Wong, who has previously submitted a possible upgrade with color themes has made a collaboration with Facebook’s technology communications manager, Alexandru Voica to make a video that shows dark mode for facebook.

The video shows the transition between the different display modes, going from the classic blue and white colors, to show everything in dark colors, attenuating and contrasting completely known interface.


So far, and although an update that has this dark mode is more than confirmed, the reality is that not yet available to all users. In the video we can see that Alexandru Voica says that the dark mode is launched right now, but it is not an official release or release.

Previously it had already been released for some users, and this video is part of a premise of what is coming. Despite this, Facebook continues to test dark mode with more users, so you can check if you are one of the lucky ones to find it within the application. here we tell you how to do it.