The Caliber e-book reader is updated with interesting news

Caliber - E-book reader, manager and editor

Thanks to Amazon, e-books have won quite popular in the last decade, although we still find many millions of users who prefer to read books in physical format, go to their usual bookstore, take a look at the latest news, enjoy the smell of a book, the quality of its pages …

If your thing is not physical books, a few weeks ago we talked from I’m from Mac about the application Caliber, the best app for reading e-books comfortably not only from our Mac, but also from our PC managed by Windows or Linux, and even from our iPhone or Android device, thanks to the synchronization function that it includes.

The latest update of the Caliber application, with which we reached version 5.8, the guys from Caliber they offer us the following news:

  • A new mode has been added that allows you to open links using only the keyboard (Alt + F).
  • New option to show the number of lines above the current line.
  • The content viewer does not automatically enter full screen. This function must be activated within the viewer preferences in Page Design.
  • The Toolbar adds a new action that allows us to select everything along with an action to read aloud.
  • When creating e-books, a new “To” field has been added.
  • A new button has been added to duplicate rules and convert a rule in advanced template mode.

iBooks Author

Apple stopped updating the application to create e-books iBooks Author, passing this task to the Pages application, so if you just managed the change, and you have not tried Caliber yet, you should give it a try.

If you are one of the users who still has not made the leap to digital format, it is likely that you are interested in knowing the application ExLibris, an application that allows to manage physical libraries, allowing us to create tabs for each book with annotations, references …