The Best of the App Store of 2020 according to Apple

Today Apple presents the winners of ‘The Best of the App Store of 2020’, and pays tribute to 15 apps and games that have managed to make everyone’s life in 2020 easier and healthier, and that their users feel more close to each other.

These apps and games have been the most outstanding of the year for their high level, their creative design and their simplicity, but also for their capacity for technological innovation and all that they have meant in terms of cultural impact, usefulness and importance.

The independent developer of Wakeout! managed to bring gentle exercises composed of movements that everyone can easily follow to offices and offices around the world. Games like Genshin Impact, Legends of Runeterra, Disco Elysium, Dandara Trials of Fear and Apple Arcade’s Sneaky Sasquatch allowed users to escape to other worlds, while Disney + made available to all the endless possibilities that many were waiting for.

It doesn’t matter if it was helping to teach online classes with Zoom, to create daily routines with Fantastical or to fall asleep with Endel: the winning apps of The Best of the App Store of 2020 have been vital so that we all spend these days at the home of the best possible way.

The best apps of 2020

IPhone App of the Year: Wakeout! (Andres Canella, USA)
IPad App of the Year: Zoom (Zoom, US)
Mac App of the Year: Fantastical (Flexibits, US)
Apple TV App of the Year: Disney + (Disney, US)
Apple Watch App of the Year: Endel (Endel, Germany)

The best games of 2020

IPhone Game of the Year: Genshin Impact (miHoYo, China)
IPad Game of the Year: Legends of Runeterra (Riot Games, US)
Mac Game of the Year: Disco Elysium (ZA / UM, UK / Estonia)
Apple TV Game of the Year: Dandara Trials of Fear (Raw Fury, Sweden)
Apple Arcade Game of the Year: Sneaky Sasquatch (RAC7, Canada)

Trend of the year 2020

Apps reflect the culture in which they are born, and in 2020 developers have felt an obvious need to help. To that end, and for users to spend the much-needed time to take care of themselves, Shine launched a section dedicated to exploring the most beneficial tools to take care of mental health and well-being, especially dedicated to the black community.

For teachers and students, who felt the need to reinvent the way they attend class, Explain Everything Whiteboard offered a collaboration tool in the cloud that allowed groups of students to work together on projects remotely.

Families looking to stay in touch with their loved ones were able to enjoy the dozens of new games and the more than 100 books that Caribu has added to its real-time video calling platform.

Pokémon GO gave a spin to its popular outdoor game with experiences designed to be enjoyed from home.

The United Nations World Food Program ShareTheMeal app made it easy for all users to change the lives of those who need it most, and to date more than 87 million meals have been shared in this way.

All over the world, app creators have redirected all their creative energy to helping others to get fit, continue their education, have fun and stay in touch with their people.

To pay tribute to these 15 apps, Apple designers have worked hard to create the first physical award given to the winners of The Best of the App Store of this 2020.

Inspired by the blue App Store icon, the award includes the Apple logo embossed in 100% recycled aluminum on one side, with each recipient’s name on the other side.

The physical prize given to the winners

The most popular of 2020 in Spain – Apps and games most downloaded in the Spanish App Store in 2020

Apple has released today the lists of apps and games most downloaded from the Spanish App Store by iPhone and iPad users during 2020, until today.

iPhone – Most popular iPhone Apps and Games in Spain in 2020
Paid and free content for iPhone most downloaded from the App Store this year in Spain.

IPhone apps – free

  1. ZOOM Cloud Meetings
  2. TikTok
  3. Instagram
  4. WhatsApp Messenger
  5. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream
  6. Houseparty
  7. Google Meet
  8. Gmail – Email by Google
  9. Netflix
  10. Google Maps – Transit & Food
  11. Spotify: Music and Podcasts
  12. Radar Covid
  13. Amazon Prime Video
  14. Google drive
  15. Telegram Messenger
  16. Facebook
  17. Amazon
  18. Skype for iPhone
  19. Disney +
  20. Wallapop

Apps for iPhone – paid

  1. WatchChat 2: for WhatsApp
  2. AutoSleep Tracker for Watch
  3. Forest – Stay focused
  4. TouchRetouch
  5. Procreate Pocket
  6. PhotoPills
  7. HeartWatch. Heart Rate Monitor
  8. Specter Camera
  9. Human Anatomy Atlas
  10. ProCamera
  11. EpocCam Webcamera for Computer
  12. Rubiagendapp
  13. Sky Guide
  14. FiLMiC – Video Camera
  15. FILCA – SLR Film Camera
  16. Facetune
  17. Threema. The Secure Messenger
  18. GoodNotes 5
  19. Mirror for Samsung TV
  20. NeuralCam NighMode

Games for iPhone – Free

  1. Among Us!
  2. Parchisi STAR
  3. Brain out
  4. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles
  5. Call of Duty®: Mobile
  6. Mario Kart Tour
  7. Subway Surfers
  8. Trivia Crack
  9. Homescapes
  10. Brawl stars
  11. Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game
  12. Gardenscapes
  13. ONE! ™
  14. Trivia Crack 2
  15. Cube Surfer!
  16. Stop – Categories Word Game
  17. Fortnite
  18. Pinturillo 2 – Draw & guess
  19. Fishdom
  20. Tennis Clash: Live Sports Game

Games for iPhone – paid

  1. Plague Inc.
  2. Minecraft
  3. Monopoly
  4. Football Manager 2020 Mobile
  5. Geometry Dash
  6. Pou
  7. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  8. Street Kart Racing – Simulator
  9. Farming Simulator 20
  10. RFS – Real Flight Simulator
  11. Pocket Build
  12. Word Crack (No Ads)
  13. True skate
  14. NBA 2K20
  15. Rebel Inc.
  16. Trivia Crack (No Ads)
  17. Stardew valley
  18. GRAY
  19. Cluedo: The Official Edition
  20. Hitman sniper

iPad – Most popular iPad Apps and Games in Spain in 2020
Free and paid content for iPad most downloaded from the App Store this year in Spain.

IPad apps – free

  1. ZOOM Cloud Meetings
  2. Amazon Prime Video
  3. Skype for iPad
  4. Google Meet
  5. Disney +
  6. Netflix
  7. Google Chrome
  8. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream
  9. Messaging for WhatsApp on iPad
  10. Calculator for iPad +
  11. Microsoft Teams
  12. TikTok
  13. Google Classroom
  14. Gmail – Email by Google
  15. Google drive
  16. Microsoft Word
  17. Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share
  18. Hangouts
  19. MOVISTAR +
  20. Spotify: Music and podcasts

IPad apps – paid

  1. Procreate
  2. GoodNotes 5
  3. Notability
  4. iDoceo – Teacher gradebook
  5. Duet Display
  6. Affinity Photo
  7. LumaFusion
  8. Affinity Designer
  9. Pixelmator Photo
  10. Explain EDU
  11. Puffin Cloud Browser
  12. Notes Writer Pro – Sync & Share
  13. Noteshelf – Notes, Annotations
  14. Human Anatomy Atlas 2021
  15. AnyFont
  16. Nebo: Take Notes
  17. Amaziograph
  18. forger
  19. forScore
  20. My Premium Television

IPad Games – Free

  1. Among Us!
  2. Parchisi STAR
  3. Roblox
  4. Brawl stars
  5. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles
  6. Mario Kart Tour
  7. Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game
  8. Homescapes
  9. Call of Duty®: Mobile
  10. Brain out
  11. Subway Surfers
  12. Fishdom
  13. Save The Girl!
  14. Property Brothers Home Design
  15. Gardenscapes
  16. Fortnite
  17. Ink Inc. – Tattoo Drawing
  18. ONE! ™
  19. Pinturillo 2 – Draw & guess
  20. Sand Balls – Jigsaw Puzzle

Games for iPad – paid

  1. Minecraft
  2. Monopoly
  3. Pou
  4. Geometry Dash
  5. The Room
  6. GRAY
  7. The House of Da Vinci 2
  8. Football Manager 2020 Mobile
  9. Football Manager 2020 Touch
  10. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  11. The House of Da Vinci
  12. Stardew valley
  13. Parchis by Quiles
  14. RFS – Real Flight Simulator
  15. LEGO® Jurassic World ™
  16. NBA 2K20
  17. Incredibox
  18. Five Nights at Freddy’s 2
  19. The Room Two
  20. Five Nights at Freddy’s