Apple tv

A month ago, Sony released the Apple TV app for select models, an app that came in the form of software update that manages the models compatible with the application, being the XH90 series the first that had the opportunity to access the content of Apple TV.

A month later, the Apple TV app just landed on the Android Play Store, so if you were waiting for an update to your TV to enjoy Apple TV, you don’t have to wait for Sony, you just have to go to the Android TV Play Store according to the boys of Android Police.

The application design is the same that Apple offers on all televisions where the application is also available as in the consoles, so if you already use this application on other devices, you will have no problem getting it. Through the application we can also access the entire catalog available on iTunes to buy or rent movies and / or access the content that we have previously purchased.

If you have an Android smartphone or any other device managed by Android, be it a tablet or TV, you don’t have to run to install itas the app only works on Sony TVs. From Reddit they have confirmed that there is no way to run the application on any other device other than the compatible models that both Apple and Sony have specified.

Among the list of 2018 models that are compatible with Apple TV we find the A9Z and A9F models. The 2019 models are the Z9G, A9G, X950G and X850G. Regarding the 2020 models, as announced by Sony, all the models that have been launched throughout this year are compatible with this application.