We already told you that it seemed to us that the year 2021 was going to be the year in which rumors about the Apple Car they will be more intense. We already talked about the analyzes that large finance companies carried out and now we have with us the forecast of the most famous analyst of all. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple Car It won’t arrive until 2025 at the earliest.

The new predictions of the most famous analyst on Apple issues, warns that the Apple Cat will not hit the market at least until 2025 and that at the earliest. Ming-Chi Kuo states that there are still many details to be polished, so that it can be released before that year.

A supply chain report claims that several auto parts factories in Taiwan were issuing shipments to Apple. Thus, the possible launch of Apple’s electric vehicle could be in September 2021. The affirmation of the dubious report seems unlikely for a number of reasons, ranging from the vehicle’s lack of hard-defined specifications to the seemingly short lead time for producing a product of this magnitude.

Ming-Chi Kuo affirms that these dates are more than unlikely, impossible, since there are many loose elements still and September 2021 it is too short a term for a project of this magnitude.

There is no certainty of the existence of a genuine supplier for this type of order. There is also no launch program, nor has it been heard of the possible specifications of the car. So that if everything goes fineIt would not be until 2025 when we could begin to see the possibility of the existence of the Apple Car on the streets. Although it is true that there has been talk of the launch in 2024.

Tesla currently has enough time to improve existing cars and Apple to improve what already exists and launch something truly innovative.