The American factory of the Mac Pro, pure facade

Mac Pro

When the Mac Pro was released, one of the controversies that arose was that the then president of the United States, Donald Trump, asked Apple to national manufacturing had to increase and that the duties imposed would be very high. This is how it was forged a bit the “lie” from the Austin, Texas factory.

Donald trump

A new report from Bloomberg specifies that the American factory where the Mac Pro was supposed to be produced intensively, has not been as successful as expected at first, but not because of low demand, if not because of other more political and economic issues.

A former senior manager of the company has recently stated that:

It was an experiment to show that the US supply chain could work as well as China’s, and it failed miserably

The factory stayed open for the commitment reached by the CEO of Apple with the Trump administration. An agreement whereby Apple kept the plant in the United States as part of its commitment to the economic growth of the United States. But while this was good for the public, it was bad for the Mac Pro’s manufacturing profitability.

The skills found in Foxconn (China) were more difficult to find in the US. A former Apple product engineer recalls the team struggling to determine why the circuit boards coming off the assembly line were crooked. Ultimately, they traced the problem to a single worker who was inexplicably screwing parts from left to right, rather than in the established numbered order. Waste was high in the beginning and various sources say that teams did not meet their initial delivery targets.

In 2019 Trump he walked through the factory and the article in question says:

He prepared for Trump’s visit by taking care of the production site as if it were a stage. A person is quoted who said he was “A great show”. The Macs were stacked to make it look like they were selling like hotcakes.

It seems that Not all that glitters is gold.