The 18 best Apple commercials, spots and advertising texts

Marketing is a set of practices, principles and techniques that try to influence the consumer with the aim of increasing demand and control the market. Apple is, by far, one of the companies that takes care of its advertising the most and has demonstrated this throughout its history. Marketing, or marketing, as some insist on calling it, it is, along with its devices, one of the fundamental pillars of the Cupertino company.

In this article we propose a chronological tour for some of the best advertisements and texts that have managed to make consumers believe that, by buying an Apple product, they are buying something very special.


It is inevitable to start with a classic. During the 1984 Super Bowl, one of the biggest sporting events in the United States, Apple introduced its Macintosh with an advertisement that later would go down in history. In it you can see a society very similar to that described by George Orwell in his award-winning book, a slave society of the system. At the end of the ad, an athlete can be seen breaking a screen that everyone watches hypnotically. Clearly, it was time for Apple to make a change.

The pencil test

In collaboration with Pixar, Apple released a short film that aimed to demonstrate to the world the ability of the company’s computers to create animations. As is well known, after his departure from Apple, Steve Jobs founded Pixar and brought illustrious animation sagas such as Toy Story to the world.

What is Newton?

Before iPhones, iPads, and Apple Pencils, Californians had a PDA in their catalog that allowed you to take notes by hand, check the calendar, store contacts and even make translations. Although the product was discontinued in 1998, it left an advertisement for posterity. In 2010, Apple released a new version entitled What is the iPad?

Apple in Mission Impossible

The company used the pull of the movie starring Tom Cruise to launch a television advertisement in which the use of their products was mixed with the action of the feature film. The result, judge it yourself.

An ad dedicated to the crazy

Apple’s marketing department saw fit to protect historical figures such as Albert Einstein, Muhammad Ali, Gandhi, Bob Dylan and Amelia Earheart under the umbrella of “Think different.” This motto was intended to make it clear that buying Apple products means that you think differently from the rest and, therefore, that you are special. This announcement was one of the most successful of the company.

And the iPod arrived

The first announcement of the iPod arrived in 2001. We do not know for sure if the directors of the company were aware of the true revolution that this device would bring. What we do know is that the user could carry 1000 songs in his pocket and enjoy them wherever he wanted. Thus, a dance that began at home to the rhythm of your favorite song did not necessarily have to end when you crossed the threshold of the door. And if not, they tell the protagonist of the commercial. By the way, the soundtrack comes from the hand of Propellerheads and their song Take California.

Big and small ideas

Join Yao Ming and Verne Troyer sitting in the same row of seats on an airplane was a brilliant idea to convey the versatility of the firm’s new laptops. From here, more comments are left over.

iTunes as the iPod command center

Obviously, the iPod became a highly valued product. But the true heart of this portable player was iTunes. This application allowed Easily download any song and sync it in seconds to iPod. Surprisingly, iTunes came two years after Apple’s iconic device launched. Although pieces from well-known groups such as U2 and Bob Dylan were used, the song Are You Gonna Be My Girl catapulted a relatively unknown group called Jet to fame.

The war between PCs and Macs

Apple got demarcate from the name PC (Personal Computer) with a series of commercials in which two actors represented a Mac and a Windows computer. Of course, the actor who played the PC had a somewhat old-fashioned look and, on the contrary, Mac was a cool young man. In any case, Apple was going all out by directly attacking the king of the party.


The iPhone arrived in 2007. This 30-second ad used Hollywood movie segments in which their actors said nothing other than “Hello” when picking up a phone. At the end of the ad there was simply an iPhone. The revolution was coming.

The MacBook Air in a postal envelope

Would you like to receive a MacBook Air in the mail? Thanks to its thinness and lightness, the MacBook Air fit perfectly in an ordinary envelope. It is interesting to note that this announcement was not only successful for the company, but also for Yael Naim, who composed the tune for this commercial.

There’s an application for that

Like the arrival of iTunes, the App Store It was also a revolution, in this case, for the software market. With this announcement, Apple is trying to make it clear that you could do the imaginable and the unimaginable simply by downloading an app.

The arrival of the iPad

Although the iPad now supports split screen, is capable of running multiple applications simultaneously, and allows the use of a keyboard and mouse, this was not always the case. Still, Apple wanted to convey the idea that it was a device, not only focused on multimedia consumption, but in productivity.

Siri makes an appearance

Available from iPhone 4s, Siri it was the advancement of what was soon to come: voice assistants everywhere. The hype associated with this new product brought a celebrity back to an Apple ad. In this case Samuel L. Jackson, Zooey Deschanel and John Malkovich star in several commercials to show the benefits of Siri.

And finally, the Apple Watch

It wasn’t the first, but it was the best. The Apple Watch came to be on the podium of the world’s best-selling smartwatch. The advertising associated with this product was rather austere, simple and straightforward. It was about showing its functionalities. Nothing else.

The text is also important

In addition to advertisements intended for television, Apple has always been characterized by take good care of your texts, both those that are published in the press and those on its own website. Thanks to that, the company has left a trail of more than interesting posters, texts and written advertising.

For example, when advertising iPhone SE First generation, Apple’s writing team in Spanish decided that the best phrase for this new phone was “You are big, small.”

We also have more recent examples that, despite bordering on low-quality humor, do nothing but attract powerfully attention. And if not, tell them to the iPhone 12 and its new OLED screen.

These techniques are also applied in signage. Use the written word with ingenuity is key and Apple knows it very well. This ad in Las Vegas attests: “What happens on the iPhone, stays on the iPhone”.

After this review, it is very clear that Apple takes care of even the smallest detail, not only its products, but also its advertising. What’s your favorite Apple ad? Be the first to share it in the comments.