Test Magnat Monitor Active 2000: Stereo active loudspeaker with great sound at a low price

Smart loudspeakers with speech recognition that control virtually everything that can be connected to the network on demand are popular. However, they are usually not ideal for pure music enjoyment or as a supplement to TV sound. Even the big ones HomePods are only suitable to a limited extent for this purpose, as they cannot reproduce a particularly precise stereo center as speakers with all-round radiation. In addition, they are quite expensive as a pair at around 640 euros. If you can do without voice assistance and network streaming and are simply looking for good, inexpensive stereo boxes, Magnat will use the Active 2000 monitor (Amazon) find it.


designation Active 2000 monitor
Art Active stereo speakers
Recommended price (€) currently 259 / pair

Advances in loudspeaker technology, combined with cleverly chosen cost-saving measures, can lead to loudspeakers like the small active monitors discussed here. With a list price of just 349 euros – currently in a campaign for only 259 euros – the Pulheim-based loudspeaker specialists at Magnat Audio-Produkte GmbH have succeeded in setting up an extremely honest, uncomplicated stereo set that is affordable for everyone.

Novel technologies or complex digital trickery were not necessary for this. The Magnat Monitor Active 2000, successor to the 2017 Multi Monitor 220 models, are built according to the widespread concept of active two-way stereo speakers. More precisely, it is an active master loudspeaker plus a passive slave which is connected to the master by means of a loudspeaker cable.