Test Apple Watch Series 6 Edition Titanium – Plus generation comparison with Series “0”

With the launch of the Apple Watch At the beginning of 2015, after the iPod, iPhone and iPad, Apple actually managed to bring a literally groundbreaking product onto the market once again. One that has lastingly influenced and changed the industry. In just a few years, Apple has also risen to become the largest watch manufacturer in the world with what is now the most successful smartwatch. – If that’s not impressive, then what?

Apple was also able to convince me as a watch lover. In April 2015 I received the Apple Watch “Series 0” in stainless steel and with the stainless steel link bracelet. I haven’t worn any other watches since then. Admittedly, in the meantime I wanted a more traditional, mechanical watch, but I quickly dismissed the idea because I would miss the practical possibilities of the watch too much. I am far from using all of the given functions.

Apple Watch (Series 0) first launched five and a half years ago

Right from the start, I wore the watch every day and, with a few exceptions, charged it exactly every two days. The battery has kept this cycle up to this day, even if slight losses in capacity have become noticeable. On the software side, the first generations have not been supported for a while, i.e. current watchOS 7 versions can no longer be installed. The last update was with version 4.3.2. However, that did not detract from the function of the watch. Only newer functions, some of which also require more modern hardware, are no longer supported.