Apple Music is sued for unfair competition

If we are talking lately about the existing rumors of the possibility that Apple could flood the market with the company’s new electric car, we cannot ignore the steps that its rivals may be gradually taking. We talk mainly about Tesla and rumors say that will support AppleMusic soon.

At the moment we are talking about the rumors that are coming out about the possibility that Apple will launch its electric car. The Apple Car, if it ends up being called that, will have Tesla as its strongest rival. Analysts are already reporting What if the Apple Car goes ahead it will be the best thing that can happen to the market.

The movements that Apple makes in this regard will be analyzed. But the movements made by their rivals and especially their toughest rival in this regard will also be analyzed. We are talking about Tesla. What the new reports tell us is that Tesla will add Apple Music to its car software.

So far the owners of the Tesla they only had Spotify to listen to music in your vehicles. It seems that in the next update of the vehicle program Apple owners will be able to listen to their favorite shows through Apple Music.

With this inclusion of Apple Music in the Tesla, the streaming service of the Californian company will be already present in two vehicles fully electric. Remember that the Porsche Taycan already has this service.

Tesla will have Apple Music, But it won’t come alone That is, in the update you see the possibility that there will also be support for Amazon Music and Tidal, the premium music service.

Will have to wait Let’s see if this rumor becomes effective and indeed we see that Tesla supports Apple Music in all its electric cars.