Telegram has stopped working in CarPlay in version 7.3

If there is a real alternative to WhatsApp, it is Telegram. However, to become the first choice of users when using an application to send instant messages, it must be compatible with all the environments with which we work today. And unfortunately version 7.3 of Telegram has stopped working in CarPlay.

Go driving and that your car is able to read the messages that reach your mobile and send messages through voice commands It is a dream that a few years ago seemed like science fiction. And of course, now that we can do it and that it not only makes life easier but also allows us to focus on driving, when these options disappear, users notice it and we don’t like it.

Telegram version 7.3 has stopped working in CarPlay or at least has reduced its functionality

And that has happened with the latest Telegram update on iOS. The 7.3 version of the paper plane app, that if it can be used in desktop format, on the iPhone, on an Android device or on Android Auto, it is no longer compatible with CarPlay. At the moment it is unknown if the loss of compatibility was something intentional or a simple mistake.

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What we do know for now is that the improvements in the latest version of Telegram that allow voice chats in groups or new Siri functions, does not allow to use the application in the car with CarPlay. Or rather if it can be used but is limited to the appearance of notifications on the main unit and Siri’s reading of received messages.

CarPlay and Android Auto are two of the best evolutions to make life easier for us while driving

If it is an error, which is not believed feasible because Telegram has not communicated any failure on its part, it is possible that it will be solved with the next update that will arrive in January. If it is not a failure and is the result of a abandonment by Telegram of its compatibility with CarPlayThis is bad news for both users and the company itself. It can be a turning point for many users to stop using Telegram and decide on WhatsApp.

We will see how Telegram and CarPlay evolve the next few months. But the truth is that things are not looking good for users of the application and owners of a car with CarPlay.