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If you like racing games, you cannot miss the next Apple Arcade title. Super Impossible Road takes racing to a never-before-seen, futuristic and engaging level that is worth enjoying. This title is available on other consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation, however, if you have an Apple Arcade subscription, it is available to download. Are you ready to discover a great racing experience?

Super Impossible Road, roads never seen before and in revolutionary vehicles

I am a lover of motorsport and racing games, I hadn’t played any in a long time until the Asphalt series arrived. Then I didn’t find anything better until today. It is true that the dynamics and graphics of the game appear to be a complicated gameplay mode but the truth is quite interesting and fun. The tracks have a lot of curves and from time to time you can “play dirty” as the creators of the game themselves comment.Super Impossible Road Stage

It is a vehicle in the shape of a ball in which you will have control of the direction and an additional turbo to gain an advantage. Super Impossible Road has different game modes, I suggest you take the tutorial and then the career mode to discover the different environments. The tracks change as you advance levels but also the conditions to win change. It is a very dynamic game.Super Impossible Road tutorial ending

The game environmentSuper Impossible Road Menu

The tracks have so many curves that they were classified as dangerous in the game, they have a certain depth and they blend in with the emptiness of outer space. You will be able to reach hyper speed thanks to temporary turbo boosters. You will get more turbo as you go through some blue portals.

Depending on the scenario, you can get off the track to take advantage or other paths that help you improve your position in the race. As I mentioned earlier, in career mode there are levels where the challenges and objectives change. It can be a solo race against the clock, a race of four participants, or achieving a certain number of portals or rings in a vacuum.Vehicle going through a portal

Each new level is an absolute mystery but there is a very big advantage. You will be able to customize your vehicle before rolling. Improves the level of steering, air control, capacity of the turbo and its recharge, in addition to the rebound dampers. If you go off the track you can find a point where you can fall and rejoin the race, the bounce can be very intense or fall directly at a point where the vehicle will stabilize without much effort.Customize vehicle

Play online up to 8 players, the downside is that you won’t be able to create private rooms to play with your friends or family. If you play on an iPhone with an OLED screen you will have a compatibility of 60 frames per second, so the speeds will feel total vertigo.

The racing game that has it all, impossible to get boredGame environment

The soundtrack is electronic and techno music, the graphics are impressive and the game modes are so interesting that you won’t be able to stop playing. Super Impossible Road bears the impossible in its name but a good experience with it may be possible. If you feel uncomfortable playing without a remote control you can connect one of Xbox, PlayStation or MFi. The races are of a high level, a speed in which everything can happen to the degree of being spectacular.

If the racing titles fail to convince you because they are boring or monotonous, in Super Impossible Road you will find another style of game. They are not the typical car races in which the first one wins. Conditions change and thanks to the career mode you can adapt quickly.Goals of a career

In conclusion, Super Impossible Road is a racing game from another planet (literal)Collecting rings

A title compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV that you have to enjoy. According to the description of Super Impossible Road, it is possible to play with up to 4 players on a TV screen. So if you have the controls available, the experience can be incredible at home.Finishing race

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