Sonos Arc LED

As the headline of this news says after the update of the Sonos application, now the user can add another Sonos Sub to the combined cinema setup with the Arc, Beam, Playbar, Playbase or Amp bar. With this, what we achieve is a much higher audio quality and also obtain deeper and richer bass for movies, TV and music. In this case, when you have a good sound system in the living room, you appreciate this type of option and Sonos has just implemented it after version 12.2.2.

System performance and stability improvements also appear in the release notes, but the key here is the upgrade on the Sonos Sub, a Wireless subwoofer delivers deep bass and perfectly complements your audio system of any home. Sonos adds that the option to add two Subs was an active demand from their customers and this is certainly an excellent option for home theater rooms that have a lot of space and want to immerse themselves even more in sound.

Add this second Sub is now available from the Sonos S2 app itself for home theater systems. One of the Subs in the setup will need to be a Sub (Gen 3), which brings additional processing power. To get this feature, users have to update to the latest Sonos software. Either way, having one of these Sub speakers is amazing, so adding two has to be too much for some rooms.