Screenshots show how Apple AirTags will work in the Find app

The launch of AirTags by Apple seems imminent, new screenshots show how it works in the Search app. For more than a year it has been rumored the possibility of tracking different common objects of daily use, today it is possible to see it from an iPhone or iPad with iOS 14.3 / iPadOS 14.3.

Any user can now have a preview of what Apple’s AirTags will be

Apple AirTags
Picture of @RubenApps

On an iPhone or iPad with iOS / iPadOS 14.3 it is possible to enable a tab called “Objects” that is hidden in the Search app. In Safari, type the link findmy: // items. After entering the URL you will see that a message appears redirecting to the hidden tab of the AirTags. It is also stated that in macOS 11.1 Safari it is possible to see the text “Objects” hidden in the same Search app.

AirTags interface
Picture of @RubenApps

Developers who already have registration within the program offered by Apple have been able to enable the tab without having to execute the URL. So that, these advancements seem to show that AirTags will be extensive compatibility with objects such as keys, backpacks, wallets, bicycles and other objects.

Search for AirTags objects
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Users will receive automatic notifications when separated from such objects and they are expected to work with augmented reality.

When will it officially come out?

It can be at any time, such as press releases or at an event that could happen in March. Apple first spoke about AirTags (without the official name) at WWDC20. They stated that the Search app will support searching for third-party products and accessories.

It remains to be expected which products and accessories will be compatible from the start. As with the launch of MagSafe, many third-party manufacturers will be ready to launch AirTag-compatible products.

If something characterizes Apple is security and privacy, in this case, they want us to always have our personal belongings traceable. We will see how much scope they can have in the beginning and the evolution that may come in the near future.

And you? What would you use Apple AirTags for? It is a very practical solution if we are forgetful people, such as leaving the house without keys. Share your opinion in the comment box.