Ring Alarm, shield your home with this complete and easy-to-install alarm system

Ring Alarm Box and Sensors

If you are one of those who are thinking of installing an alarm at home or in the office but do not want too much assembly hassle, high cost and others, you can seriously consider Ring alarm. Since Amazon bought Ring some time ago, the prices of these active and passive security products have dropped a lot, so much so that this alarm system can be one of the best options for many users who want to protect their home, office, etc.

Shield your home with the new Ring alarm

We have had the opportunity to test and install this new Ring alarm that arrived in our country a short time ago, last October specifically. In this review you will see how simple it can be to personally install this alarm and above all how accessible it is for the spectacular price it has. Then we will have the option of add the extra protection that Ring offers with your Ring Protect Plus with Assisted Monitoring which has a cost of 10 euros per month and offers an extra security, but we will see this later, for now we are going with the Ring Alarm.

What’s in the box Ring Alarm

Ring Alarm box content

This may vary depending on the kit you choose but the basic one, which is also the cheapest, offers 5 components to start using the alarm. With these 5 elements that are added in the kit box we can now install our own security systemIn addition, we can always expand the number of sensors and detectors because they can be purchased individually.

The starter kit and more economical to put it in some way add the following elements:

  • The base station with its speaker / horn to play the alarm sound
  • The keypad to activate / deactivate the alarm
  • A motion sensor (sensor that can be adjusted if you have pets)
  • A contact sensor with magnet to place on any door or window
  • A WiFi signal extender to reach all connected devices

Logically we also have available each and every one of the chargers for the base station and the numeric keypad (although they add battery) batteries for the motion sensor and all the necessary screws to place on the wall. Also if we don’t want to make holes in the wall we can use the 3M double-sided tapes that are added in the kit to place the sensors, detectors, panel and others. This last option is interesting for those who want an even faster installation, but it must be taken into account that these can degrade over time so it will always be better to place the screws on the sensors.

Installing the alarm

Keypad Activated Ring Alarm

Once we have all the pieces on the table we can think that it will be very difficult to install due to the amount of material, but it really is not like that. The first thing before anything else is to download the app for your iOS or Android device by Ring. This application is completely free and we simply have to register to start using it. With it we will also be able to activate or deactivate our alarm system so it is the first step once we have seen the content of the alarm box.

The application is no longer available in the App Store

Once registered and with everything ready in the Ring application of our smartphone, we can continue with the process. Now we have to find the base station to continue with the alarm installation, so just we connect the base to the socket and follow the steps in the application to pair it. This step is important since once we have the base in place and matched we can continue with the rest of the teams.

A tip to place the base is that it has to be placed in a high and free place ahead so that the buzzing of the alarm can be heard well. This location should have a wall outlet nearby, so we avoid running out of battery and it is always charged and it is important to say that we can always move the base to any place once configured.

The 4G signal will be higher depending on where we place the base and therefore if we hire Ring Protect Plus we have to take into account that it has a good signal. The higher and clearer the base is, the better.

Now, once it is synchronized with the app on our smartphone, we can continue with the rest of the devices and in my case the second thing we installed was the keyboard. It is simple and you have to follow the steps indicated by the app. It really is very simple as well as adding the rest of the devices we just have to follow the indications.

Installing the sensors

Ring Alarm door sensor

Ring sensors offer several mounting options and the door / window is best. use the screws in case of wood and the tape in case of being mounted in aluminum of a window or similar. We can use the mounting system we want, it is not complicated at all.

The door sensor may have a greater gap between the frame and the door since add a contact magnet that we can use or not depending on the gap between sensors. This magnet is glued to the sensor with the tape in case we have too much space between the two parts and every time the door is opened the movement will be detected.

Exactly the same thing happens with motion sensors. We have to look for the best angle of coverage and we must bear in mind that if we have pets at home, the sensitivity has to be adapted to them. We recommend testing before activating the alarm so that it does not go off. In the configuration from the application we can modify the parameters going directly into the motion sensor.

Adjust sensors

Ring Alarm motion sensor

Another detail to take into account is if we want it to notify with a sound every time a sensor detects the opening of the door or movement. We can adjust this from the upper left speech bubble of the app by clicking on the Devices option and within this on Sounds.

Each sensor has functions and all of them configurable. We can say that a chime sounds (not the alarm siren) at the base of the Ring alarm when someone opens the door, window or detects movement a sensor or we can deactivate all the sounds.

Home mode and away mode. These modes are fully adjustable and each of them independently on the sensors. To give a simple example is that if we activate the alarm in home mode, the interior movement sensors can be deactivated and leave only those of the doors and windows, so we can move around the house without causing the alarm to go off. In off mode all sensors have to be activated (if we want) so when something strange is detected the alarm will go off.

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Event history, battery and alarm activation

Ring Alarm keyboard

You can see a history of the events that occurred in the sensors within the app, so we will see at all times if a sensor detected something and we can even say that it sends us a notification to the mobile device.

The battery of the sensors, panel and base is also shown in the application so we will have all the necessary information to avoid running out of battery. In addition, the app will send us a warning when the battery of a sensor, keyboard, etc. is too exhausted. The sensor batteries can be changed and Ring will also notify our smartphone when the sensor is being manipulated.

To activate the alarm It is as simple as doing it from the app, with the keyboard adding the code or from any device with Alexa.

Add Ring Protect Plus with Assisted Monitoring

Keypad on Charge Ring Alarm

For those who want extra security in their home or office, they can opt for the Ring Protect Plus service. In this service we find several prices and options available among which we find the basic plan for € 3 / month or € 30 / year or the Protect Plus that covers all your Ring devices for € 10 / month or € 100 / year.

With the Ring Protect Plus Plan, if you choose assisted surveillance through the Ring app, the Ring Alarm system will automatically call the three emergency contacts you have chosen when the alarm goes off. So someone you trust can answer, even if you are without coverage for any reason we will always have someone to answer the call.

Compatibility with other Ring products and Alexa

Ring Alarm Base Station

The good thing about having this alarm is that it is fully compatible with the Alexa assistant and offers the ability to activate or deactivate by voice. On the other hand is compatible with all other Ring products so the integration is total with them.

Ring Alarm Price

Base off Ring Alarm

In this sense, we have various prices depending on the kits and accessories that we want to buy. The basic is 5 pieces as we have already said and has a price of 299 eurosThen we can add more sensors to the kit depending on the needs of each one. For 349 euros we have 2 more sensors, for 419 euros 4 more sensors are added and for 449 euros we can have 7 more sensors.

Choose the number of sensors you need right here

Editor’s Opinion

Setting an alarm at home may not be in the plans of many users due to headaches with installation, fees and more. With Ring Alarm this remains in the background and is that it is really easy to install our own alarm quickly and without monthly fees. The sound of the alarm is loud enough for neighbors to take notice of the situation and scare friends away from others.

Logically for greater security you can always hire the Ring Protect Plus option with its monthly fee of 10 euros, but this is not mandatory and the user chooses if he only wants the alarm to go off when someone wants to illegally access our home or office or that an automatic call is also received in case of triggering the alarm, 4G connection for the alarm in case of failure of the WiFi network, video storage for up to 30 days and other options offered by Ring Protect Plus.

This alarm may really seem expensive in its basic version, but in a short time its cost is amortized compared to other alarm services similar that we have in the market.

Ring Alarm
  • Editor’s rating
  • 5 star rating

??299 to ??449


  • Complete kit with everything you need
  • Simple to use and install
  • Very good value for money


  • There is the Ring app for Mac but it does not detect the alarm (in Big Sur)