Ring Alarm arrives in Spain, we have tested it

The popular security system Ring Alarm company Ring disembarks today in Spain to facilitate the total protection of our houses thanks to an affordable and scalable system. The company, owned by Amazon, well known thanks to its smart doorbells or its battery-powered security cameras, puts on sale today its alarm system that is characterized by its ease of installation, its cheap price and transparent integration with other smart devices.

Ring Alarm Installation: DIY

Installation of the alarm system is extremely easy, so it does not require any professional for it and everything is done directly from the application. The most basic pack contains the alarm center, which acts as a siren and connection point, a keypad to connect and disconnect the alarm, a motion sensor, a contact sensor for doors or windows and a wireless range extender.

Ring Alarm Security System Box

To install the alarm, we should first think about where to place each of the elements it includes. Generally, the alarm center should be located in a central point of the home, but not too exposed since we will not interact with it at any time. The alarm center can be connected via Wifi or ethernet cable, so we must choose a place with a good connection. This is the only component of the alarm that should be plugged into a socket.

The keyboard that will allow us to connect and disconnect the alarm works autonomously through a battery that promises a duration of more than 6 months, so the best option is to place it near the main access. In case of buying an extra keyboard, we could place it in the main room.

The sensors are self-adhesive anywhere, so it will not be a problem to install them on any door or corner of our house. In addition, these work through Z-Wave technology, which is based on a mesh network that interconnects each device by expanding the signal. The Ring Alarm kit comes with an extender for this type of network, however, in a small home it might become unnecessary to use it. It is true that by being included it never hurts to strengthen the signal to avoid disconnections.

Operation: intelligent management from your mobile

Alarm mode selector

The operation of Ring Alarm is very similar to that of a traditional alarm with the advantages of a smart alarm that is not subject to permanent contracts or high monthly costs. The alarm consists of three different modes: for when we leave the house, activating all the sensors; when we are at home at night, activating only the perimeter sensors we choose; or disarmed. Even when the alarm is disarmed, we can set a small warning to sound on the alarm itself or to receive a notification when a door or window is opened to know that someone has entered the house.

When we activate the alarm, we can configure a delay to be able to leave or enter the house before it is activated, allowing us to deactivate the alarm. In addition, we can configure which sensors act in this way, being able to set a delay only to the sensor of the main door but not to those of secondary doors of the house.

One of the ways to activate and deactivate the alarm is through a four-digit code entered on the keypad. Unlike traditional alarms that allow us to configure a single access code, Ring Alarm allows you to create as many access codes as you want so that we know who has disarmed the alarm and at what time. In addition, one of the most striking functionalities is that we can program the validity of the codesThis means that if we have someone working in our house we can give them a code to deactivate the alarm and that code only works on the days we want and within a specific time slot set in the application. The alarm can also be controlled with its own app without the need for codes.

When the alarm goes off, in addition to your powerful 110dB siren, we will receive a notification to the mobile informing us that something is happening. This notification has been accepted by Apple as a critical notification, so we can make the notification reach us even with the phone in do not disturb mode or being silent. All this without any monthly cost.

Ring critical warnings

24/7 protection, even in the event of a power outage

However, we can opt for a subscription to the plan Ring Protect Plus, which would allow up to three emergency contacts to be notified by a conventional call in the event of an alarm. Also, the Ring Protect Plus subscription allows the alarm work autonomously in the worst case, a supply cut. If the power is cut off for theft, the alarm has a built-in battery with a duration of up to 24 hours, but since the power cut would also be associated with a drop in the internet connection, the payment plan activates an eSIM card with a mobile connection inside of the alarm that offers a backup internet connection even if our own connection does not work.

Types of Ring Alarm surveillance

Finally, as it is an intelligent alarm, the functionality of the alarm from the mobile phone is not limited to activating or deactivating it, but all its sensors are integrated with the most common home automation systems to be able to create automations regardless of the alarm status . When we first install the sensors, they are automatically recognized by the Amazon Echo devices we have at home so we can ask Alexa for the status of a door or create a routine to automatically turn on a light when the door is opened. Regarding HomeKit compatibility, Ring products are not officially compatible with HomeKit although there are third-party solutions such as homebridge to quickly integrate them into the Apple home automation system.


Ring Alarm is available from today in the official Web and in Amazon from € 299 the kit of 5 components, being also available kits of 7, 9 and 10 components as well as extra sensors or savings packs when buying the alarm together with a security camera.

The Ring Protect Plus plan that allows the alarm to continue working when there is a power cut is available for € 100 per year (or € 10 paid monthly) including other advantages such as the recording in the cloud of the images captured by all the cameras of security, extended warranty for the duration of the subscription, or a 10% discount on the purchase of other brand products.