Report condensation issues on some AirPods Max

Recently we have on the market the new AirPods Max, those high-end headphones from the Californian company with a surprising price, just like its launch was surprised. Some units are giving problems with noise cancellation and now some users are known to be warning condensation problems inside the headphones.

New AirPods Max

As always when new devices are released, we have to wait a few days to determine if they are working properly. That’s why always good to wait a bit before buying the first thing that comes out. Although it is true that without those buyers, we would not see the possible failures.

Some of those early buyers are reporting condensation issues on the AirPods Max earbuds. The first comments about this supposed problem, originated from twitter (It has become common for this social network to become the focus of scoops, rumors and more).

Condensation generally occurs when a cold object is adjacent to warm, humid air, and that appears to be what is happening in some cases for AirPods Max owners. Apple’s high-end headphones are mainly made of metal, (there are pure gold) so that they are more likely to cool enough for condensation to occur. Especially if they are used for sports and the user sweats.

Some people have mentioned that they have experienced the problem, and several people have reported that observe the drops of water inside the headphones.

As can be seen in the images in this tweet, the existence of these drops of water is evident and therefore from condensation.

We do not know yet if it is a general problem as for Apple to have to be aware of it. But of course it is a problem and in an Apple device it should not happen and less with the quality that is assumed. Let’s wait to see what the company says and the solutions they provide.