I'm from mac

Second weekend of this year 2021 and the rumors and news about Apple do not stop. Of course, the year started strong in this regard and we have a good handful of news to highlight this second week of the year. The second week of January is one of the strong ones in terms of news and rumors so we are not going to get involved any more and we are going with what really interests us, which are the news highlights on I’m from Mac.

We start with the news that came from Adobe itself in which he recommended us completely remove Adobe Flash Player from our Mac. The reason is none other than that this software is officially discontinued and is currently outdated so if you can remove it, do so.

The following news is related to the COVID-19 pandemic and that forces Apple and other businesses to close their stores for 7 weeks in the UK. This is another blow for businesses caused by the spread of the damn virus that is still latent in this new year.

We radically change the subject and focus on the lucky ones users who have been lucky enough to receive a new Mac for the holidays. If you have a new Apple device in your hands, it is best to look at yourself this little guide with some of the first steps when receiving a Mac.

Apple Glasses could be closer than ever

In closing we cannot forget about the rumors about Apple’s smart glasses. In this case it is said that they will already be in the second phase of production and we should have news of these soon. A product that has been in rumors for years and it does not seem that it has just arrived officially, we will see if this time is the final one or not.