Quality, elegance and protection. This is the Nomad cases for the iPhone 12

Nomad iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

Nomad is undoubtedly one of the established firms in the world of accessories for Apple products and its quality, design and detail are at the level of the best devices of the Cupertino firm. In this case we have the opportunity to test the new Nomad Rugged Case, some spectacular leather cases to protect your new iPhone 12.

There is no possible discussion when we refer to the quality of the materials of these Nomad cases, they also have a really extensive catalog of products that go through the Apple Watch straps, the cases for AirPods and the sensational wireless charging bases that the company would sign. own Apple.

High quality leather and good resistance to the passage of time

IPhone 12 Pro Max black camera

We cannot doubt these Nomad cases since we already know them from previous devices and the leather used for them comes from Chicago, with the Horween seal from USA, as the firm explains on its website. This leather, like all of them, wears out over time and the signature clears it perfectly on the back of the box showing day 1 of the case and day 100. This is approximate but really closely resembles reality.

In my particular case, I can say that the ones I like the most are the Rugged Case in brown rustic leather and the Rugged in black leather. On the official Nomad website You will find all the available models of these new cases for your iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.

Compatible with Apple MagSafe charging

Nomad beige iPhone 12 Pro Max case

The new Nomad cases are case ready to work with Apple’s official MagSafe charger. However, the magnetic field is not strong enough for the charger to latch on as securely as it does with the original Apple case as the latter are somewhat narrower. Nomad has a video showing how the MagSafe works on these new cover models:

They also explain that you can add a rope of these “modern” to hang the device although it is true that personally I do not like them at all. In any case this is optional and no rope is added to hang the iPhone in the holster box.

Resistant to drops of up to 3 meters

Interior Nomad iPhone 12 Pro Max case

The important thing about a case like this is that it protects the equipment against accidental falls and in this case the Nomad Rugged Cases do it perfectly. Actually the height of three meters is what they indicate on the official Nomad website, but we are sure that they would hold a few more meters in an accidental fall.

If we look at the interior design of the cover we realize the details and in these Rugged we find a reinforcement on the inside that protects the device against falls. Also at the bottom the Nomads are totally closed and at this point they also protect the iPhone 12.

We also observe in the lower part of the covers a separation of a few millimeters that They are key to protecting the iPhone 12 Pro Max against a fall with a blow to the Lightning connector part. Of course they are thick covers, but they are not the typical rough covers that can also be found in the current market. In this case, the covers are aesthetically beautiful, simple and fulfill the protection function of our beloved iPhone.

Price and availability of the new Nomad Rugged Cases

Bottom detail Nomad Black iPhone 12 Pro Max

In this sense, the price of the covers is $ 49.95 on the web and 44.99 euros in official stores in Spain as Macnificos. The price may seem expensive for an iPhone case, but the quality of the materials, the design and, above all, the protection they offer to our device mean that we do not hesitate to advise them for use in our new iPhone 12.

Available colors are black, brown and light beige. Some models of these covers will begin shipping on November 26, but other models are already available for purchase. Yes, the drawing on the box reveals that the rumors made a dent in the signature and that is why we can see four lenses in the silkscreen but the case fits perfectly with the iPhone, there is no need to worry.

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Nomad Rugged Case
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  • Quality in design and materials
  • Good wear over time
  • Fall protection


  • They may be somewhat expensive although it is true that they are of high quality