AirTags concept

The well-known Apple leaker Jon Prosser returns to the fray with the famous tracker devices AirTags That everyone talks about but only Prosser has seen. If it weren’t for Apple’s signaling that they exist, I’d say the rumored trackers are the invention of friend Prosser.

But the truth is that there are references to these AirTags in the iOS 14 code, and last year some users “detected” them by mistake in the device search application. So if there are, there are. Let’s see what he tells us today Prosser.

Yes or yes, this year the rumored Apple AirTags will see the light. Jon Prosser has spent months giving the tabarra with rumors and leaks about the new trackers of the Cupertino company. Today we have a new pearl: a 3d animation of said device that supposedly was created by Apple.

Prosser claims he got the animation from a software engineer at the company. Believe that it can be presented to users in a future version of iOS. The truth is that Apple has shown similar 3D animations for other devices during the pairing process with an iPhone or iPad, including several models of HomePod and AirPods, for example.

Apple typically holds its first event in the month of MarchBut as we continue with the happy pandemic, Apple’s virtual events that became fashionable last year, will presumably continue throughout 2021. So one of these virtual keynotes can fall at any time.

The truth is that the company itself has given “signals” that there really are trackers in the portfolio that sooner or later will become reality. References in the code iOS 14 and appearances by mistake in the “Search” application in some users, hint that we will soon see the rumored AirTags. But when? Not even Prosser knows.