Product RED

And is that when we talk about Apple and its collaboration with (PRODUCT) RED To finance programs to fight HIV and AIDS, we have to talk about a 14-year collaboration that has generated almost 250 million dollars in donations.

This year Apple donations are also present in this campaign called (PRODUCT) RED but the proceeds will go towards the fight against COVID-19. A part of the value of Apple’s “red” products it is destined to this fund and in this case it will be used for the battle against this new virus.

The crisis caused by COVID-19 affects crucial programs against HIV and AIDS. In more than 100 Global Fund countries, programs and services related to the fight against HIV and AIDS are being affected by COVID-19.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, He also made a publication on his official account of the social network Twitter:

And it is that the fight against HIV and AIDS is getting complicated because of COVID-19 and that is why it is necessary to allocate the maximum possible resources to eradicate the pandemic of this new coronavirus as soon as possible and in this way continue to fight against the rest of diseases.