Pixelmator Photo 1.5 adds support for Apple ProRAW

Pixelmator Photo, the graphical image editing software developed for the iPad, was recently updated to version 1.5 and will now support the format Apple ProRAW. In addition, now the app will allow users of Apple devices to adjust the tonal curve directly in the image and much more.

Pixelmator Photo 1.5: Apple ProRAW support and new features

The image editing application, Pixelmator Photo 1.5, recently received an update where it now offers full support for Apple ProRAW, the image format recently introduced in the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. In this way, users can now shutter in RAW and maintain Apple’s computational photography features.

On the other hand, With Apple ProRAW support, users will be able to obtain all the additional information of the image without losing details when editing it from their iPad. In addition, this upgrade introduces a new image curves function where you can directly from the photo.

However, this is not all, Another of the improvements introduced in version 1.5 of Pixelmator Photo is a new, more advanced algorithm with shadow and light sliders to recover much more detail than before. In addition, users now only have to touch the histogram to switch between RGB and luminance histograms.

Finally, this upgrade will now allow users to choose to repair only the areas with the Apple Pencil and use their fingers to scroll and zoom instead. By using Apple Pencil you can also enable quick edits when no tool is selected, always choosing to be able to repair areas or adjust the tone curve.


Pixelmator Photo is a powerful photo editor for iPad and is available on the App Store worth 8.99 Euros. If you already have this app you can update to version 1.5 also from the Apple store.