Pegatron Factory

This week according to the well-known media Bloomberg Apple temporarily canceled orders at Pegatron for alleged exploitation of workers. In this case the manufacturer would be using students for extra shifts and nights, when they really could not do this type of shift.

Apple is investigating the situation and for now they have paralyzed orders with the manufacturer until the situation is clarified. These students are involved in component manufacturing but have a different role than veteran employeesIn this case, it seems that the company would have skipped this by granting night shifts and adding overtime.

In China, the rules are very different from other countries in terms of work, in addition, the work culture is far from what we have in other parts of the planet, so without really knowing the case, no one can be officially accused, so it is best to open a file and study the case closely. In this case, the Cupertino company has established a manual of Responsibility of Suppliers what apparently on Pegatron they would have been skipped, so it is being investigated.

The forced labor performed by these minors has not been actually proven by Apple for the moment, but they have detected some false documents that could be key to knowing if this labor exploitation really exists. All this is being verified by the North American company that is committed to clear regulations in this regard and without any type of business exploitation, if confirmed we will see how Apple acts with this manufacturer.