Pantone designates the colors of 2021: Illuminating and Ultimate gray

As two sides of the same coin, Pantone has decided that its tradition of choosing a color that marks (or represents) the trend of the following year, after what has been 2020, the choice for next year had to be extended to two colors.

It seems clear that 2021 will have its lights and shadows, so perhaps the choice of a definitive gray (Ultimate gray) and an illuminating yellow (Illuminating) is more than appropriate.

Like a cloud that moves and allows the sun to warm up our skin again, the choice of Pantone will serve to accompany us through the good and the bad that 2021 brings us, after, throughout this year, we have learned to wait the unpredictable and to rule out that the future will be the same as the past.

In a situation in which we do not know what awaits us, surrounded by vaccines, tax increases, the return of hugs, global warming, etc … it seems clear that, more than ever, we will oscillate between light and shadows, between joy and depression.

So we will have to settle for 2021 not going to be monochromatic, but multifaceted.