“Out of Office” message in Exchange accounts with macOS Mail

The “Out of office” system of Exchange mailboxes allows you to send an automatic reply when they send you a message, for example because you have gone on vacation.

When you have Mail open, place the mouse over a folder, the one you want, and control + click on it (or right button). At the end of the menu you will see the option “Out of the office …”

When you press it you will have a window where you can indicate:

  • Until when you want the message to be sent. There are two options, either “Until they are deactivated”, that is, until you manually go and deactivate the message, or “While they are scheduled”, so that they stop being sent when the end date you have indicated arrives.
  • Start date and end date, from what day and what time the out-of-office messages start to be sent, and until what day and what time.
  • Internal response: This message will be sent to people in your company. Here you can put data that you do not care about your colleagues seeing but you would not want people from outside the company to come, such as customers. For example, you can indicate that for an emergency they can call you on your personal number, and indicate that number.
  • External reply: This message will be sent to senders outside of your company. Here you can be more correct, direct them to a generic email, etc …

Enjoy your holidays!