Only today you can get the special challenge of the month of the heart of the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch keeps us in shape through its rings and its motivating messages, sometimes they can be a bit annoying, right? but it’s for our good. One of the things I like the most is meeting monthly challenges and special challenges. Today February 14, Valentine’s Day we have the opportunity to get the special challenge of the month of the heart.

Heart Month Special Challenge: 60 Minutes of Exercise and It Will Be Yours

Show your heart some love. Earn this award by winning 60 minutes in your exercise ring this Valentine’s Day, February 14.

special challenge of the month of the heart

I recognize that I am a regular at meeting the monthly and special challenges that the Apple Watch indicates to me month by month or when appropriate. A few days ago you already warned me that this February 14, Valentine’s Day, apart from remembering and telling those special people that you love them, more in the middle of a pandemic, I had to put the batteries if you wanted to get the special challenge of the month of the heart.

In order to get the special medal for this extraordinary challenge, we only need to perform a 60 minute exercise activity. Whatever and the medal will be ours. It seems like a lot, but if you are a regular in sports, you will immediately achieve in addition to doing something that we like and it helps us raise our health which is always good and now more in the middle of a pandemic.

So, even if it’s Sunday, don’t be lazy, put on sports clothes, get ready for a one-hour sports session. With this, that medal will be filled with color and will join the rest of those already obtained being Visible both in the Summary tab of the Fitness app on the iPhone and in the Awards section of the Activity app on the Apple Watch. I will start my training session shortly. Today is integral training. A little rope, a few boxing steps … etc. I’m sure I win my food today.

Cheer up!!!. As you get your prize we would love to read you here how you did it. What training have you done and if you usually get the Apple Watch awards.

Have a great day full of health, sport and love.