Apple Silicon

We cannot say that this year was sober for Apple users and we have had many events despite the COVID-19 pandemic. At Apple the batteries were quickly put on with this issue and they took the necessary measures so that the followers of the firm were not disappointed in a difficult year to manage both in launches and in products. We as users always ask for more but it is not as easy to manage as it seems despite being a company as big as Apple.

There are many reasons why Apple wants to carry out its events, but the main one in addition to the sale of its products is to continue growing in an increasingly demanding and complicated market. Actually MacBooks with current Intel processors work very well, Apple does not have the urgent need to change anything since there are no complaints about its operation but they take the step and change their own processors to continue advancing.

Today Apple will introduce us to several new products and will end a difficult year in all aspects. Without a doubt we really want to see the news that he presents us today in addition to seeing what the near future of his Macs will be like, some Macs that we love and that Although it is true that the last few years have run out of too much news, this will be his day.

The new devices with Apple Silicon are about to be presented so we are going to look carefully at all the news and enjoy them, an hour or hour and a half of enjoyment awaits us.