financial results

There is no truce. The Cupertino company announces the date on which it will publish its financial results of this first fiscal quarter which coincides with the end of the first month of the year. In this case, the time will be the usual time for these reports (2:00 p.m. Pacific Time) and it can be followed in streaming audio.

On January 27, the data obtained by Apple during the months of October, November and December of last year 2020 will be shown. The figures are sure to be good but it is true that Apple no longer details the products so much and this takes away a lot of interest on the part of the media, it remains in one -all in one- so we talk about global figures so it is not known how many iPhones they have sold or Macs …

Good figures are expected in the Mac sector and in the rest of the products

Be that as it may, although we do not have the exact detail of units sold or similar, the figures expected for the company’s first fiscal quarter are expected to be good, really good. The good times that Macs go through with the new M1 added to the increase in sales in other products make the company’s shareholders are satisfied with the work they did in a difficult year, very complicated business speaking.

If you are one of those who does not want to lose this data from Apple, you can track it directly from your own apple website next January 27. What seems clear is that the figures will be good and is that some analysts explain it. The latest devices launched by Apple suggest that at least, we’ll see what they tell us at Apple that day.