Night in the woods

A few days ago, we informed you of a game that we could download for free thanks to the promotion that Epic Games makes available to us this Christmas. Today we talk again about one of the few titles for Mac, that we can download during these promotional days.

I’m talking about Night in the Woods, a game that was born thanks to the Kickstarter platform in 2013. This title, which has a regular price of 15.99 euros in the Epic Games Store and on Steam, we can download it for free until today at 5 in the afternoon (Spanish time).

This title tells the story of Mae, an anthropomorphic cat who leaves university to return to her hometown where she meets her old friends, friends who did not have the opportunity to leave town, and verifies that everything has changed. Friends have grown up and left behind the things they did when they were little, linsecurity and poverty have taken over the town of Possum Springs.

Night in the Woods is an adventure game where we have to overcome mini games, platform challenges while we re-explore the town we left behind before going to university. If you were looking for a game to enjoy this Christmas holidays, you should give Nigh in the Woods a try.

Night in the Woods minimum requirements

To be able to enjoy this title, our computer must be managed by at least macOS 10.10 (10.14 recommended), an Intel Core i5 Quad Core processor (Intel Core i7 Quad Core recommended), 8 GB of RAM (16 GB recommended) and a Intel HD 400 graphics. The game is in English, both the voices and the texts, so it is an excellent way to practice our English.