Newton email app for Mac M1

One of the most important applications that we have today and that is undoubtedly used the most (with permission from WhatsApp and Telegram) is email. We use it for almost everything and on our Mac it is the one that is always open. Apple’s native app is fine, but third-party ones do offer some noteworthy features. One of those applications that are worthwhile is Newton and now supports Mac 1.

The Newton email application for Mac has been updated and now offers full compatibility with new Apple computers. The Mac M1 now support this email manager and the application becomes a real mine. Newton shared the news in a blog post. In the same statement the notice that Linux compatibility has also been achieved.

Apple computers with M1 chip they are revolutionary hardware pieces. To support them, we are launching a new version of the application available for download from our home page.

In this way we have an application that now, we can say that it is multi platform. It also happens that the company behind this application is worthy of admiration for how well it recovered from its crisis in 2018. In that year they were about to close and therefore leave Newton in oblivion. However, the 2019 comeback showed a new horizon. Now in 2021 they are able to launch a new version compatible, not only with Linux but also with the new and powerful Mac M1.

You can try it and see Newton for Mac for free and if you like it and want to continue with the application you must subscribe. It has a cost of 50 euros per year.

Newton - Supercharged emailing (AppStore Link)