New wallpapers in macOS Big Sur 11.0.1

macOS Big Sur It has not yet reached computers, but thanks to the betas that Apple is launching we are discovering many of the novelties of the company’s next operating system for its computers. The last known is the presence of new wallpapers in beta 11.0.1 for developers.

Total macOS Big Sur will bring a total of 40 new funds, if we take into account the different phases between day and night. There are 4 backgrounds of drawings and as many as mountain images. The cartoon backgrounds have eight phases to achieve the effect of going from day to night.

macOS Big Sur will include a total of 40 new funds taking into account the phases between day and night

And when can we enjoy the new Apple operating system? It is expected that in november there is a new event, the fourth of the strange 2020, to present the first Apple Silicon Mac. Maybe after that keynote Apple will definitely release macOS Big Sur and we can enjoy its news.

Of course, remember that it will not be compatible, of course, with all the company’s computers. For MacBook it will be compatible with 2015 and later models. More fortunate will be the users of MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro that will reach the compatibility until the models of 2013 onwards. For Mac mini and iMac compatibility will be from 2014 models. And of course it will be compatible with all iMac Pro models that were released in 2017.

There may be a new event in November to present the first Apple Silicon Mac

So if you can’t wait for the possible November keynote and the official launch of macOS Big Sur or your computer is not compatible with the new macOS and you want to use the new wallpapers, you can always download them. Simply access the following link and find the one you like the most.