Big sur

The Cupertino firm does not stop the machinery and this afternoon launched the macOS 11.3 Big Su public betar. This version, which is practically the same as the developers’ version, allows users who do not have a developer license to install it on their Mac.

This version adds several changes and novelties in Safari, in Apple Music, adds compatibility with the controllers of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox, among other improvements. Undoubtedly these beta versions are helping Apple a lot to troubleshoot and detect problems more efficiently as there are more reports.

The important thing here is that users now have the option to install beta versions in a totally legal way and almost at the same time as developers do. The news that are implemented in this beta 3 version of Big Sur also affect Rosetta 2, that as we commented this morning leaves out some regions and cannot be used.

As always remember that these public beta versions work well but they are still beta versions. So any problem or incompatibility with a tool can annoy our work. That is why it is always better to stay away from them even if they are stable and work well. Installation is done directly in System Preferences> Updates if you do not have automatic updates active on your Mac.