New Mac mini with the new M1 processor

Apple has just introduced the new Apple M1 processor. And with it have arrived the expected new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with the new Apple Silicon technology. What had not been said much about was the presence of a new Mac mini with Apple’s new processor based on the ARM technology.

This new Mac mini, which in terms of exterior design is the same as its predecessor, promises a huge improvement in CPU performance. Compared to the previous model this new Mac mini is going to multiply by three its speed and graphics by six. And thanks to Neural Engine machine learning speeds up by up to fifteen.

The new Mac mini with an M1 processor will be three times faster than its predecessor.

We have to take into account that eThe new M1 chip is an 8-core chip built in 5nm with everything integrated CPU, GPU, RAM … in the same place. In addition, for the first time the Neural Engine enabling fast and highly optimized machine learning workflows.

Regarding storage, this new Mac mini model comes with 2Tb SSD with a transfer rate of 3.4 Gb / s which will allow us to open our photos, videos, files and applications in one breath.

And it has to be that way because it is a computer designed not only for the most basic tasks in any home, but also for design, photography, video and music.

And for this task it is important, not only the CPU and the GPU, but also the RAM. M1 chip accepts up to 16 Gb, which by sharing data between the different components allow the work to be fast and fluid.

The two Thunderbolt usb-4 ports allow a transfer rate of 40 Gb / s

For this it has two Thunderbolt usb-4 ports with transfer rates of 40 Gb / s that also allowed to load external devices and connect monitors up to 6K. And even with the HDMI 2.0 port we can connect a second 4K monitor

New Mac Mini

It is now available in the apple store from € 799 To which we must add, if you don’t already have a monitor, keyboard and mouse, at least they don’t have to be from Apple.