Mythic Quest recording team members do not feel safe from the coronavirus

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Some days ago, the recording of the series The Morning Show was temporarily paralyzed after a case of coronavirus was detected in one of the team members, despite the protection measures they are following. But, unfortunately, it seems that it is not the only one that is being affected by the coronavirus.

The comedy series Mythic Quest, is found paralyzed for several days due to the same problem. But the problem goes further, since the team members are not willing to resume the recordings again at the request of the creator and protagonist Rob McElhenney, who has sent a message to his co-stars.

This message, to which you have had access Variety, We can read:

As alarming as it sounds, we’ve been waiting for this for weeks. The numbers in the county are increasing and therefore our numbers are doing the same. But to date there is no evidence of any transmission at work. Our complex continues to be one of the safest places you can be outside your home.

Apparently this information is completely false, since in recent weeks, several members of the recording team have tested positive for coronavirus. This new season is being recorded in Studio City, an area that has become a focus of coronavirus with three outbreaks detected in the last month.

Previously, 16 members of the Mythic Quest recording team they had tested positive for coronavirus, although the county authorities reduced the number of infections to only 12.

McElhenney representatives state that the company has contracted with a company to comply with all mandatory protocols to prevent the coronavirus in addition to having the help of the CDD, DGA and county authorities.

The film and television industry is trying to keep productions safe during the pandemic to keep jobs and businesses, but it is clear that it’s being a more difficult feat to maintain what was initially thought.