More countries join Safari’s translation feature

Manzana introduced its own translator this year and now more countries will join the translation function of Safari in the coming days.

More countries join Safari’s translation feature

Although the translate app works in 11 languages, the translator Safari was restricted for some regions, something that Apple is changing as it is rolling out this option for more countries, which will allow more people to access the new feature of iOS 14 to translate the web pages that are opened in Safari.

Presented in September during the “Time Flies” event of Manzana, this iOS feature allows users to translate websites in other languages ​​natively from Safari.

All users have to do is touch the “aA” icon in the address bar to translate the web page to another language.

The Cupertino-based tech giant initially designed the button to control the font size on a given website.

Now with the new update, the button has been transformed into a general menu for native functions in Safari, which include access to website settings and privacy reports, as well as allowing users from other countries to translate web pages into other languages.

At the time of its launch, Apple restricted the new translation feature from Safari to users living in the United States.

The reason for the restriction was unknown at the time, although the policy may have changed today as users from other countries report that the feature is now available to them.

With the launch of the translation feature of Safari to more countries, along with the launch of new iOS 14.2 last thursday, Manzana you think more people will choose to use your browser Safari compared to other browsers.

Industry observers say the translation function of Safari it is already available in Germany and Brazil. The information also indicates that many other countries will be able to see the feature in the coming days.