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Today is the day when you will meet a game out of the ordinary. It is very appreciated that Apple Arcade has openness to titles that come out of the daily theme of action, adventure, etc. Would you like to control the direction of the roads to improve traffic in your city? Mini Motorways is a strategy game in which you have to build and direct the traffic of a city in real time. As time goes by, more inhabitants will emerge in search of moving from one point to another. Do you accept the challenge?

Mini Motorways, the traffic of a city (or more) in your handsMini Motorways cover

This game belongs to Dinosaur Polo Club Limited, creators of the game Mini Metro. Here emerges a strategy never seen before. You have to create and make sense of the roads in a network to build a dynamic metropolis.

If you are successful in your first construction (divided into weeks) you will have more resources to continue developing the city and make it grow, to the point where you’re going to have to interact with a bigger world than you think exists.

How long will city traffic flow? The game will end when the traffic collapses and it is impossible to continue building roads or when the cars do not have a built path to get out of the house.Start of the game

The game environment

It is very important that you follow the tutorial at the beginning of the game. You need to pay close attention to understand how roads are built and how they will expand. The game takes place in advanced real time, that is, days go by until weeks are completed. Every week it gives you new tools to continue building a great city.Week 2 resources

Cities are expanding in size as a function of time. Basically, we have several cars going from point A to point B. You have to build different paths for cars of different colors. The game increases the difficulty when we have different colors in a short time. Each road can share cars of different colors, however, we have to create a wide variety of roads to avoid collapsing the daily traffic.

The game is one of absolute strategy. For every week you have 20 new pieces of asphalt or more pieces, between bridges and faster roads that are highways to communicate to distant points in the game. For example. Suppose we have 4 colors on the platform, Mini Motorways places a fifth color but point A from point B is far away. There are special pieces called highways so you don’t have to spend normal asphalt pieces.Include traffic light at an intersection

The highways run over normal asphalt pieces, it is a matter of managing them to use them at the right time. There are also traffic lights that will help control traffic if there are intersections that can be conflictive. There are also bridges to connect an intersection divided by a river.Pin set limit

Mini Motorways is a game of strategy and maximum concentration

It is a complete challenge to play Mini Motorways. In my personal case, he managed to hook me with the introductory tutorial. You really realize that planning the roads of a city is a complicated thing, especially when we criticize the traffic points that normally exist.

Here you must be clear about how you want the roads to look. Maybe at first you have to place them randomly to see how they evolve. The key is that you see in the counter on the left side how many pieces of asphalt, bridges, highways or traffic lights you have. Remember that when the real time counter reaches one week you will have more pieces available.Moving city

These resources help create a city as big as you want it. The game sets the direction when new known points appear from the cars to the houses. The only thing you can do is change the direction of how they will leave from point A to point B. The house is fixed and cannot be changed.

In conclusion, a title worth exploring and spending time onEnd of tutorial

If you are a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder, you probably want to have everything in order. This game challenges you to build the roads in the best way. The graphics are very good, it is also suitable for people who suffer from color blindness. If time is something that influences the game, you can pause it or go faster.Use highway

Something worth noting is that Mini Motorways is an Apple Arcade title that is constantly being updated. If you already have the subscription, this game is so digestible that it only weighs 100MB. If you want to feel that you control the traffic of the world, with Mini Motorways you will feel an experience very similar to that.Mini Motorways dark mode

Mini Motorways
Mini Motorways
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