Mexico will not enjoy Apple Pay until 2021

Apple Pay Mexico

We have been talking about the launch of Apple Pay in Mexico for several weeks, specifically since mid october when Apple launched the website for this service in Mexico. Everything pointed to the launch being imminent, but unfortunately it has not been like that. That if, at least, they will only have to wait a few more weeks.

Apple has updated the Apple Pay website in Mexico to inform all interested users that this payment technology will not be available until 2021, without offering any other type of additional information, so the same thing arrives in January that is delayed a few more months.

The first signs of the launch of Apple Pay in Mexico are found in March of this year, when some iPhone users in Mexico had the opportunity to add your Banregio bank cards to the Wallet application after moving the region to the United States, being the first indication that the launch of Apple Pay in the country was on the way.

Unfortunately, users who were able to add these cards, they could never use them. In the following months we have not heard anything about it again, until October, when Apple launched the Apple Pay information website in Mexico.

At the moment it is not known which will be the banks that are initially compatible with Apple Pay. Apple is likely working to add as many banks as possible before launch.

As we can read on the Apple website, Apple Pay will be compatible with credit and debit cards of the most important payment networks issued by various banks.

When Apple Pay finally arrives in Mexico, this country will become the second in offering support for this Apple technology in Latin America.