MagSafe, the wireless charger that took the place of the AirPower and that has not convinced us at all (opinion)

For many months the departure of the AirPower in that distant 2017 was so rumored and the years went on to end up talking about an unexpected failure. The Apple AirPower never went on sale due to overheating problems and quality defects. The years went on and they kept talking about an alternative, the MagSafe. I believe that there is no user in the Apple environment who has thought or imagined that an accessory of this style would come out from Cupertino (until the last minute rumors come out). The name is taken from the legendary connector of the portable Macs of several yesterdays ago and resurfaces to give iPhone a wireless battery connection. In this opinion post I would like to give you my views both positive and negative of the product. In addition to reflecting on whether Apple has done it well or badly, which I already anticipate that it has not completely convinced.

The MagSafe introduced itself with its name, the presentation took an unexpected turn

This is the exact moment where the MagSafe makes an appearance at the Apple Event to surprise us. I did not expect something like that, honestly, they argued it with something that, although it is true that when using a charging base the center is something that is lost, the MagSafe is like a magnet in the right place.

What followed was an announcement of how many accessories can be compatible with the MagSafe. Not only covers of different materials but also a small wallet for credit cards, in this case, they showed their Apple Card.MagSafe on iPhone 12

The MagSafe Duo also made an appearance but it is not yet known when it will go on sale. This is compatible with an Apple Watch, which we find very attractive. Finally, it was shown that other third-party manufacturers such as Belkin are working on developing different accessories that are compatible with the environment offered by MagSafe.MagSafe

Everything is excellent but in daily use things are different

Here comes the time for constructive criticism. In the presentation of the MagSafe, Apple indicates that they offer the fastest wireless charging so far (of them) which is 15 W. It is known that a better charge allows to preserve the useful life of the battery up to a period of approximately 2 years. We can check this directly in the iPhone settings in the Battery Condition section.

Apple has not wanted to establish a powerful fast charge since they themselves claim that they degrade the battery faster than is normally thought. They want to take care of the health of the battery but it is not entirely careful. I had a very careful iPhone 7 Plus charging it with a 5W adapter and once or twice I charged with a simple iPad 10W adapter. The first two years were excellent until the battery gave up what it was supposed to last. I went from charging it just once at night to charging it twice a day.

MagSafe does not provide the exact 15W of charge, unless the special case is used for it. We can see this thanks to the following video.

Buy a 20W adapter and MagSafe for “the best charging experience”

I was disappointed with this video, the MagSafe is tested with different power adapters. The one that performs the best is the 20 W. If you have a 5 W charger it won’t do you any good, the charge is very slow. If you have a charger for a MacBook you will not have that charging power either because Apple limits the power from the iPhone itself.

Apple is not offering the full experience as you have to add a MagSafe case to your shopping cart for the charge to reach 15 W. The MagSafe is a far cry from what the AirPower promised at the time. Maybe Apple is limiting itself with charging power not finding a formula that allows the care of the battery and the expected quality. They probably don’t want to repeat an event like the one on the Galaxy Note 7 and do not want to fail as happened with the AirPower.MagSafe on an iPhone 12

Do Apple users deserve these kinds of products? I think not. Criticisms from both haters and users and fanboys suggest that it is not possible that an essential accessory for a technological product has to be purchased separately. Clear, caring for the environment is one thing and continuing to buy and being an active apple consumer is another.

In conclusion, buy what you think is necessary for your personal experience

As I said in this article last week, if money is not the most important thing, buy the iPhone 12! Surely you want to enjoy the best experience, if you can and want it, also buy the 20 W power adapter and the MagSafe.

Apple has reached a point where it not only sells its products to you, he is selling you an experience that you will not see in another company. The trend that marked the absence of the 3.5mm jack in the iPhone 7 will do the same with the no power adapter in the box. At the end of the day, those of Cupertino will be the object of criticism and people who are satisfied with their purchases will not have these details in mind of power in charging your devices.Abstract iPhone 12

What do you think about it? Could Apple offer anything better than the MagSafe? Tell us what you think about this accessory in the comment box.