Macnificos includes renting as a 100% online financing system

In response to the current economic and business situation caused by COVID, Macnificos and Iberent launch a project to offer online renting during the purchase process of the e-commerce. Now more than ever, it is time to innovate by supporting SMEs with realistic solutions. An alternative to buying, practical, efficient and sustainable for the entire range of Apple products.

How renting works

“Companies and freelancers are looking for new forms of financing and Macnificos is aware of this. The pay-per-use model is spreading, so we decided to develop this service and work it together with Macnificos due to its innovative nature and its position as a leader in technology distribution ”, explains Thomas Imfeld, CEO and Founder of Iberent Technology.

“Many companies want to access the latest in Apple technology in a more convenient and affordable way. With Iberent, we have found the ideal partner to develop an online flexible financing solution. And we are very proud to be able to offer SMEs and professionals the first 100% online technology renting tool ”, explains Pascal Faugere, CEO and Founder of Macnificos.

Pascal Faugere (Macnificos) and Thomas Imfeld (Iberent)

For the Christmas campaign and, from December 14, through the solution Iberent Shop & go, Macnificos customers may choose renting as a payment option. In this way, Macnificos makes the payment per use or Device as a service (Daas), which consists of renting products for a specified time with a monthly fee. In other words, the products are not purchased, you only pay for the use of the good.

The Macnificos team, “passionate about the Apple world and at the forefront of electronic commerce” and the Iberent team, “inspired by technological advancement and always in constant evolution”, once again anticipate market trends.

Its operation is very simple. Once the products in the cart have been selected, customers who choose Iberent renting as a payment method and whose request is approved, will be able to enjoy its innumerable advantages.

For SMEs and the self-employed, renting is the future

Technology renting implies competitive fees and convenience in management. In addition, it allows access to the most appropriate and most innovative technology at all times, without the need for an initial investment.

Among its advantages are:

  • It has tax advantages
  • VAT can be deducted
  • Does not add to CIRBE
  • It makes it easy to have up-to-date capital goods.

Renting with Iberent is a tailor-made, evolutionary, flexible and global solution that also includes management tools for technological and industrial assets, even those that are not in renting.

Iberent Shop & goIt is a 100% online process, easy and intuitive: you select the financing fee, the request is automatically studied, the answer appears and the electronic contract is received. As simple as that.