Mac minis with M1 are the fastest of the single-core processors

After the launch of the new Macs with the M1 processor (Apple Silicon) where on paper, they are incredibly fast, powerful, sustainable and durable, we begin to find the tests carried out by third parties. This time, we focus on Geekbench testing of single-core processors. The answer is obvious. The Mac mini with M1 is the fastest.

Mac mini with M1

Apple has done it again. In June Tim Cook announced to us that at the end of the year, Apple would put Intel aside to focus on its own processors. On November 10, the new M1 were presented in society. Tests carried out by Gekbench show that the 2020 Mac mini with the M1 chip is faster than any of the Intel-powered Macs. The tests have been carried out with single core processors and despite the fact that the comparison has been made under the Rosetta 2 emulator.

As can be seen in the image at the beginning, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with M1 rank second and third. Now, we must take into account the data that has been mentioned above. Tests have been done using a Rosetta 2 emulator which runs x86 code. That means it appears to be achieving between 78% and 79% of the performance of native Apple Silicon code. Still, the results are there and as incredible data it can be seen that it surpasses the 2020 iMac with an Intel Core i9-10910 at 3.6GHz.

These data are tremendously significant. It can be said that right now in single core processors, the M1 is unrivaled. Another different thing is if we do the test with multi-core processors. There for example, it clearly looks like the 2019 Mac Pro tops the charts, and the M1-powered Mac mini drops to 13th behind other Mac Pro models, the iMac Pro and iMac models through the end of 2019.

A fact that will make those who were spent a fortune in the Pro, be a little more relieved. If not…