M1 Macs: 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x faster – how Apple comes up with these values

In previous years, there were often stage duels when new Macs were introduced. When the first PowerMac G5 was announced, it competed against a PC with Pentium 4, for example – and completed the Photoshop tasks much faster. Even at other events, Apple did not shy away from comparative advertising and demonstrated how the respective Mac performed better than its PC counterpart. Such duels were noticeably reluctant to take place during the “One more thing” event. Although it was mentioned that the MacBook Air outperforms 98 percent of notebooks, there was no direct encounter with a competitor.

How Apple came up with the performance information, which shows a multiple of performance, is now also known. Apple updated the product pages again and documents what the values ​​refer to. Among other things, the compilation of a project with Xcode 12.2 and the export of a 55-second clip (4K 60 fps Apple ProRes RAW) with Final Cut Pro were measured.