M1 chip support coming to Microsoft Office in beta form

Although Apple even has its own office suite, made up of Pages, Numbers and Keynote, the truth is that it does not quite fit in with some users either. And it is that, the truth is that the most widespread, compatible and perhaps easiest to use formats are Microsoft Office. Currently, the applications in this group are available for a large number of operating systems and devices, even a somewhat smaller online version being available but which may be ideal for students or companies, among others.

For this same great compatibility, it was expected that from Microsoft to make progress in order to adapt their software available for Mac to the new M1 chip from Apple SiliconThe truth is that in the new equipment of the firm, although the programs can be executed correctly, a correct adaptation is necessary to obtain the best performance, in which they are already working.

Microsoft Office for Mac beta compatible with the M1 chip is now available

As we mentioned, in this case the advances that surround Microsoft in terms of the launch of a new version of Office compatible with the M1 chip go back to a preliminary version in beta, as are other firms such as Adobe with Photoshop . In this way, just as has reported through Twitter Erik Schwiebert (Chief Product Engineer for Office products for Apple computers within Microsoft), a few days ago there was the launch of a beta of Microsoft Office with the corresponding support for Apple Silicon.

Microsoft Word

Thus, If you wish, you will be able to try this new version compatible with the M1 chip if you already have one of the new Macs with the same. To do this, you must sign up for the Microsoft beta program and have the corresponding Office subscription for macOS in its latest version, with which you will receive the corresponding updates and you will be able to try this and other future news directly on your own computer.

However, you should bear in mind that this implies a certain risk, as it can expose you to other types of problems that can end up in more complicated matters, so it is not entirely recommended that you install the beta versions of Microsoft Office on your Mac unless you are a developer or need it for some specific reason. You must bear in mind that, although it is not in the most optimal way possible at present, your version of Office for Mac should work without problems on your team.