Mac mini with M1 is the fastest among single-core processors

One of the problems to put it in some way that users of new Macs with Apple’s own ARM processors see is that at the moment There is no option to use another OS other than Apple’s own macOS or to perform a virtualization of it. This has a series of nuances and is that we are working on the implementation of other OS in these Macs, although it is not officially said, what Apple is really interested in is that we all really go to macOS.

But previously we have already seen these Macs with M1 processors running Linux without problem although this was logically a system virtualization, the operating system was not actually installed. There are several points of view and several versions about this option of using the OS on Macs with M1. Some say that it is okay to use this option to run a non-native operating system and others say that it is best to have the option of directly installing the system on a partition as of now.

In any case, the developers are working on it and it is possible that the arrival of Windows, Linux, etc., as native operating systems, will be a matter of time. In this sense, the developer Hector Martín, is working on Linux and asks for financial collaboration from followers and users of this operating system to work on it. We will see what comes out of all this and especially if we have results sooner than many believe since the developers of operating systems themselves are sure to get to work to bring these OS to the new Macs.