Kuo: two Macbook Pro and one Air with mini LEDs in 20201 and 2022

We have been hearing and reading all year about the possibility of being able to see an Apple device with mini LED. However, that circumstance has not yet occurred, but the rumors are stronger than ever. We speak that it is more than likely that we can see some already in 2021. In fact, according to the analyst Kuo we will have a couple of models of MacBook Pro with mini LEDs in 2021 and a MacBook Air model for 2022.

Ming-Chi Kuo claims mini LED will be a reality on MacBooks by next year

We have been hearing rumors for a while of the future existence of MacBooks with mini LEDs. The technology for the screens is an evolution of the already known LEDs. The point is to miniaturize the layout and size of current LEDs to achieve a density that provides better image quality. It seems that Apple wants to implement it not only in the future iPad but also in the MacBook.

According to analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo, Apple is preparing the launch of two MacBook Pro models with mini LEDs for next year and a MacBook Air model for 2022. Specifically, it warns that one of the 2021 models will be the 14 ″ MacBook Pro, not knowing what the other model will be. The Air will be a more affordable model for the user.

He also speculates that computers with this technology They will not be more expensive despite the fact that the technology they use does carry more cost for the company. This must be because it will use components from other older models. So what is more expensive on one side, cheaper and is compensated on the other. Keeping the price as it is right now, which is not exactly cheap.

In the same report in which he talks about these MacBook Pro and Air with mini LEDs without increasing the cost, Kuo says that shipments of these models will grow significantly. They will double within three years to around 30 million units per year. It seems that what will achieve this spectacular increase in the figures will be Apple Silicon and that we will finally have MacBook Pro and Air redesigned on the outside.

Remember that current models with Apple Silicon they do not have a new design on the outside and almost not inside either.