modular iMac Pro

When we talk about concepts we can give free rein to the imagination but we all know that Apple closely observes these concepts which could one day become a reality. In this case the iMac Pro that we see in a video concept created by Khahn, It is simply Impressive in both design and internal modification options.

And it is difficult for Apple’s all-in-one to become modular, such as Apple’s new Mac Pro. In this sense, it is difficult to manage the configuration options in iMac by design itself, but, What if it changed and became fully modular?

We do not mean that these teams will be produced right now, but in the not too distant future It would be great to have configuration options for the iMac Pro, the professional model:

Of course Apple is opening its sights more and more and with the arrival of the fully modular Mac Pro (after the 2013 Mac Pro error) the company could look favorably on prototypes like this one, which in exterior design is really beautiful and in the line of the firm’s equipment, but inside it houses fully modular components that can be easily replaced on the sides of this iMac Pro.

We are sure that Apple has this and many other prototypes of iMac Pro similar to this on the table, another issue is whether or not it is interested in launching into manufacturing. For now we like the concept and the only problem we can find is that it is immensely expensive, something that for the professional sector is not usually a problem since it is about making a lot of money with these equipment and they would also have the option of expanding or improve specifications easily. Another issue would be the price of these modules for the iMac Pro concept but in exchange it would not be necessary to change equipment so frequently.