HomePod mini

The day Apple debuted the iPhone 12, he also introduced us to the HomePod mini. Usn old new speaker. New because the size and functions are different from its older brother who was already among us, that’s why the old acquaintance. We already knew what to expect. Later, the experts have analyzed the components and determined that it is more profitable to buy a new one if the one we already had breaks or purchase Apple Care +.

Apple Care + for HomePod mini

The HomePod mini can be purchased online or in specialized stores. We have them in two colors, gray and white at a price of 99 euros. After a few reviews and analysis by the experts, it has been concluded that the HomePod mini is one of the best candidates for Apple Care +.

Apparently repairing this device without warranty coverage is almost as expensive as buying a new. The components of the HomePod mini are not that they are especially expensive, but the problem is that they are all assembled in such a way that the cost of repair goes up a lot.

Therefore, they strongly recommend that you choose to purchase, as we have already said, the Apple Care + service than for the HomePod mini it has a cost of only 15 euros. Insurance that offers up to two years of expert technical support and hardware coverage, including a minimum of two incidents of accidental damage every 12 months. Now, keep in mind that in these cases it is subject to a service charge of € 15.

If you want to know more details about the Apple Care + service it would not be a good idea stop by their official website to read the fine print. You already know that the repair is not always so simple when “our dog eats the HomePod mini”. Really, I think it is worth purchasing.