It is possible to remove the headband from the AirPods Max thanks to the eject tool of a SIM tray

On MacRumors forums and the iFixit team confirmed that it is possible to easily remove the headband from the AirPods Max in the simplest way you can imagine. It is not necessary to disassemble the Apple headphones, it is enough with an extraction tool from the SIM tray of a mobile. Did you imagine it like that?

Will it be possible to exchange headbands?

In the presentation via press release of the AirPods Max, a range of available colors could be seen, however, we never imagined that they could be combined. In a design act by MacRumors this was a reality. This headband removal discovery leads us to think that the design is modular and that it could suggest a possible sale of headbands by Apple.

The Chinese YouTube channel, Prelook, was able to see first-hand the removal of the headband of its AirPods Max. How can it be removed? As easy as removing the magnetic ear pads, fold the ear cups and insert the SIM tray removal tool into a small hole in the speaker.

It is also possible to do it with a clip, although due to the nature of the product it is better to do it with the already known tool. The procedure describes it as a small bump andn the right place where two small springs are compressed into one joint. The clamp that holds the AirPods Max headband is then released.

The AirPods Max were planned with a modular design from before their launch

The interchangeable headbands are believed to have been one of the final features of the AirPods Max and that it was scrapped at the final product stage. Also in the rumors it was contemplated the possibility of it being a customizable device, just like the Apple Watch and the straps.AirPods Max

Given the obvious delays involved in the production of the AirPods Max, Bloomberg made an accurate prediction in which it was indicated that Apple no longer followed with the idea of ​​interchangeable headbands, this in order to deliver the product on time.

If you have AirPods Max and you are curious to perform the iFixit procedure, We suggest that you be careful as this action could void the product warranty. It is established that any unauthorized manipulation suffered by an Apple product is conditioned by the loss of warranty.

AirPods Max iFixit
Photo: iFixit

Do you think Apple will launch a second generation with interchangeable headbands? We invite you to leave us your opinion about this product, do you like these on-ear headphones from Apple?