IPhone 12s or iPhone 13 ?: All the rumors about the next generation of Apple smartphones

When a new year begins, companies prepare for their new launches, and rumors do not take long to arrive. Apple, this 2021, will present its new generation of smartphones in society. For now it is not clear if it will be called iPhone 12s or iPhone 13, however rumors of the news that the next flagship of the Cupertino company will bring are already beginning to be heard.

IPhone 12s or iPhone 13?

iPhone 12

One of the rumors that resonates is about the name of the next Apple device and there are speculations about whether it will carry the name of iPhone 12s or iPhone 13. According to a report, Apple internally refers to its next generation of smartphone as “s”, for which could bring a minimal update compared to the current 12 series.

Another of the rumors that are around is that Apple will use iPhone 12s as the commercial name of the iPhone 2021 line. This leads us to think that during this year the Cupertino company could mutate the name of its flagships, leaving aside the numbers , just as it did on the iPad.

All about the screen, design and size of the next Apple device

Beyond the rumors that hover about how the next generation of Apple smartphones will be called, they are already beginning to circulate what their specifications will be or what it could include. According to a report, everything indicates that the iPhone 13 will be a little thicker than the iPhone 12 of 2020. Although the height and width are expected to remain the same, the thickness could increase by 0.26mm.

iPhone 13

On the other hand, and as it happened a few years ago, Apple is not expected to modify the form factor and the design in its next generation. According to rumors, there will be four iPhone 13 models this year and will feature the same general form factors as their predecessors.

If we listen to the rumors, this year then Apple would launch four devices with OLED screens where one of them would have a 5.4-inch display, two of 6.1 and only one of 6.7 inches. However, everything seems to be that, although they will arrive with practically the same characteristics as last year, Apple plans to upgrade to ProMotion technology with a refresh rate of 120Hz.

On the other hand, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 13 is also likely to adopt LTPO technology to reduce screen power consumption. In this way, Apple would have battery margin to introduce 120Hz in its devices this year.

Another detail that Apple would modify this year is the notch that has remained for quite some time. As reported by Macotakara, the full Cupertino company could modify the notch for a smaller one if we compare it to the iPhone 12.

New camera module and a 3-in-1 design

One of the big changes that we will apparently see in the iPhone 2021 is in the camera module. And it is that according to rumors the bulge will remain identical to that of its predecessor but Apple could add a sapphire crystal to cover the three lenses to make them look like a single camera.

The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max offered very notable improvements over their predecessors in terms of cameras. However, in 2021 Apple is expected to introduce some of the new improvements in its new generation iPhone.

iPhone 13

On the other hand, according to a report by Macotakara, the camera module of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, assuming they carry that name, will be the same size. This suggests that the two Apple devices will feature the same number of cameras, including stabilization and an optical zoom.

There is no doubt that if one thing Apple stands out is in improving its cameras with each launch. That is why it would not be strange that this year the Cupertino company adds a new LiDAR scanner for the depth detection function and that it is not exclusive to the Pro versions.

Is a new generation of chipset coming to the iPhone 13?

iPhone 13

With the launch of a new generation of iPhone devices, Apple improves its work on processors. During 2020, the Cupertino company presented the A14 Bionic chipset with its iPhone 12, that is why this year it is not uncommon to think that the A15 Bionic will arrive with the iPhone 13.

It should be noted that it is not yet clear what to expect from the A15 Bionic processor, but according to a TrendForce report this chip will be built with 5nm technology. On the other hand, TSMC indicates that it will be manufactured in 5nm + as N5P and will have an improved performance that will combine greater power and energy efficiency by extending the autonomy of the battery.

5G connection and goodbye to the Lightning port?

iPhone 13

Another rumor suggests that the iPhone 2021 will not have a Lightning port. If these speculations are confirmed, we would be facing the first iPhone without this type of port. However, according to the Bloomberg portal, this would be being tested internally, although in 2019 Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that Apple would launch an iPhone without a Lightning port in 2021.

On the other hand, the iPhone 13 or 12s would also arrive with 5G connectivity, one of the main features of the iPhone 12 last year. This year apparently, and according to a report, Apple has added an additional supplier of antennas mmWave 5G and is placing “a big order”.

The iPhone 2021 could include Touch iD and Face ID

iPhone 13

Finally, another of the rumors that surround the iPhone 2021, is that according to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported in 2019, Apple will launch an iPhone with Face ID and Touch ID under the screen in 2021. In addition, the reliable filter L0vetodream He also reported that on-screen Touch ID will soon make its way to the iPhone.

On the other hand, Bloomberg reported that Apple would be testing compatibility with an on-screen fingerprint reader and that it would arrive with the iPhone 13. There is no doubt that both Touch ID and Face ID will bring great improvements in terms of unlocking.

When will the iPhone 12s or iPhone 13 be released and what will its value be?

While the iPhone 12 suffered certain delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year Kuo has reported that the iPhone 13 mass production schedule will be the same as for previous iPhone models before the 12 line. Based on this information, the new generation of Apple devices is expected to arrive by September 2021, although we could contemplate some delays.

Regarding the value with which the iPhone 2021 will be marketed, there is no information about it yet. It is for this reason that we will have to wait for Apple to make the formal presentation, since it is very rare that this type of information is leaked.